What is Architecture

What is Architecture

What is Architecture if we disjoint this word it means Art+Technology. It is a combination of Art and Technology. It is a science which brings Art And technology together in one discipline. If we look at Ancient examples of Architecture we find that the Architecture of the palaces and forts and also the Architecture of common dwellings, Also the Architecture is places of worship.  

                                     These all are different in scale, looks and planning but there are certain common feature in them. The forts and the palaces are huge in scale they are large buildings plan to keep the security and safety from the enemy in mind. They are also results of how they dealt with the issues of climate, site, the construction technology and available materials around them for construction.

                                     How the available technology is used to express the Architectural features like the nature, the flora, the leaves and plants in the form of decoration to look aesthetically pleasing. The geometry also had a very important role to play in planning and designs of these buildings. Geometry also controls the aesthetic features of the building. The thick stone walls the projections in the form of Jharokhas are the features which shows that how it dealt with hot climatic conditions of Indian region.

                                    The features like the courtyard planning and deep verandas are the results of their response to the climate. The idea was to create as much shade as possible in order to avoid the harsh sun. Largely in all these buildings stone and wood is being used as building material.  Lime and mud motor is used as a binding material for stone walls. 

                                    Stones slabs and wooden rafters are used for spanning the rooms and halls and the openings. The dwellings of the common man are also built in stone and wood. Although they were small in scale and size but they also use the feature like court yard planning. deep Verandahs, thick stone walls Jharokhas etc. To respond to the hot climate and the sun. 

                                   Elements like the stone jallis and screens to avoid the sun and allow the cool air to flow in the house. The elements like jharokhas, stone brackets, chajjas where decorated with geometry of flowers, leaves and the birds. these forms borrowed from the nature to generate a natural and decorated aesthetic also express their sensitivity to the nature and flora and fauna of the place that is how the art and technology are combined together in Architecture of that time.


Author: Manish Gupta

Manish Gupta is an Architect from Center For Environmental Planning and Technology, (CEPT) Ahemdabad, Gujrat. Provides Services In Field Of Architecture, Interior Design, Planning And Valuation.

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