About Us

Who We Are

Vistara is an Architectural Design Consulting firm based in Central India. We deal in Residential Design, Commercial Design, Institutional Design, landscape Design and Interior Design of all domestic, commercial and institutional projects. The main idea is to find solutions which are functional as well as climatically viable and based on vastu logics, which are socially acceptable using technology which is cost effective, sustainable and affordable. We work in both the Urban and Rural areas hence the site and context has an important role to play in the design and are major influencing factors.

Our Vision

On the 2nd day of April 2006 a firm “Vistara” was found here in Indore at E-13, Ratalam Kothi. The idea was conceived in the year 2000 in Khandwa while working on the final year thesis. The word “vistara” means Space or the extents of space. It also means extension of a body or periphery of a space.The main objectives of the firm are to deal with the field of built and non-built environment. Mainly to deal with the Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape, Housing and Urban Design


Our Team

We are team of young enthusiastic Architects, Designers, Engineers, Consultants and Contractors who are ready to provide services in the field of architecture and technology. Our main focus in the design is to design the spaces inside out like a water vessel in which what is inside is reflected outside. Explore the design spatially in three dimension in plan and elevation. Vistara itself means space or the extent. 

Our Team

Manish Gupta


Manish is the Founder Directeor of the firm. He is an Architect passout of CEPT Ahmedabad and holds a degree of B. Arch. in the year 2003 from CEPT Univercity AHMEDABAD. Has an experience of 15 years in the field of Architecture, Interior and Urban Design. 

Satish Vaishnav


Satish is a Valuer by profession and also looks after the marketing management part. He is Graduate and has an experience of 12 years in the field of Valuation,Visit, Report Marketing and Finance.

Bedprakash S.


Bedprakesh is Trainee Architect from Collage of Architecture Ambala, He has finished  one year of Training as an Architect Aprentics and looks after design drawings and 3D Modeling part in the Routine. 

Arun S.


Arun Suryawanshi is Civil Engineer and holds a Diploma in Civil Engineer. He has an experience of 25 years in the field of Building Construction, Estimation, Structural Design and Valuation.